The 3 Best Reasons Why You Should Choose A Sage EPOS System?

Sage is a very popular accounting software in the UK and is used in many types of business settings.

This is including trade counters, retail and cash and carry type businesses. Businesses who choose a Sage accounts software solution as their finance software are usually looking for a reliable EPOS solution that can integrate directly into their preferred package be it Sage 50 or Sage 200. That’s why our EPOS solution directly integrates into Sage accounts software packages and why it is so popular with businesses across the UK.

When looking for an EPOS solution, businesses need to be able to rely on real time financial data to be integrated with their EPOS and stock control solution to help manage day-to-day business processes. KCPOS brings together these two pieces of business software in to one complete Sage 50 EPOS Solution.

How much time does your business spend trying to keep multiple systems up to date? Logging stock control, financial data and sales into separate systems can be a nightmare. By using one complete solution such as KCPOS you can reduce time manually importing and exporting data. If you already have a Sage solution and your wondering why should you choose an integrated Sage EPOS solution, then we can tell you 3 reasons why you should have the right EPOS system in place.

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1. Seamless Sage Accounts Integration To Your EPOS System

By choosing an EPOS system that has been built for integration with Sage you can easily manage customer accounts, pricing and payments. View and manage customers, outstanding balances, credit limits and special pricing at all of your EPOS locations. You can search for trade accounts, set up agreed customer pricing and automatically apply that to each transaction you make at the till, before the final amount being charged to their credit account. Save time on manual admin by monitoring both Sage and your EPOS system seamlessly. All financial and transactional data is available in Sage accounts software straight away. There is no delay between your Sage accounts software and your EPOS system. This reduces any room for human error through manual importing of data and reduces time entering transactions or payments as they will be automatically matched and posted to Sage accounts.

2. Simple Sage & Stock Control Integration?

Dependant on the version of Sage you use, we know that the stock control functionality can be a little limiting if your business has slightly more complex requirements such as multiple stock locations or stores. If you’re happy with the Sage stock control that comes as standard brilliant! We can help you set up anything you may need help with, but if you require something a little more complex our Commercials module helps with multi-location, advanced barcoding and intelligent purchase order processing. With KCPOS Commercials linked to Sage you can forecast and order exactly what stock you need. With our intelligent reorder solution we can help you predict exactly what stock will be needed based on sales and trends in your data. Understanding your existing stock levels, product lead times and estimated shipping means our stock control solution will never let you all below your minimum stock quantities. Plus with mobile devices you can manage your warehouses stock easier than ever and sync outstanding sales with purchase orders in Sage.

3. Link Your Online & Ecommerce Sales To Your Sage Accounts Software.

If you’re looking to link Sage accounts software to your website you’ll be able to keep stock levels and pricing up to date and accurate. An integrated Sage EPOS solution can also add on to your Ecommerce sales by setting up a link between your Sage accounts and your website. You can link 1 or more Sage companies to your existing website and build new stores, sync products, manage stock and update customer data. With our unique smart website and Sage link you can automate processes such as every online sale is downloaded directly into Sage, allocated to warehouse stock and then your team can pick, pack and despatch the item seamlessly. You can even send order updates back to your customers to keep them updates about their delivery status. Plus take the customer experience journey online and sync your customer accounts to your website. Customers will then be able to see their special pricing, account balance and credit limits when they log in to make online purchases.

Sage EPOS integration can be much more than just a connected EPOS solution to your Sage accounts. With KCPOS you can manage stock control, online sales and customer accounts all in one place, saving you time and money on manual data entry and reporting. To find out more about our solution please contact us and one of our Sage EPOS experts will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and suggest a solution that perfectly suits your business.

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