3 Things You Need To Know To Get Started With KCPOS Stock Control

There’s a crisis in the retail sector; a crisis of technology. We have an abundance of tech surrounding us in our day to day lives, all of which is geared around making our work and our leisure time easier – but still, with all these life-improving developments around us, retailers seem all too reluctant to embrace new technologies.

We’re incredibly proud of our stock control system and we’re confident the progress we’re making with EPOS systems and retail management technology will serve to benefit the retail industry in a huge variety of ways.

No matter how reluctant you feel to pick up something new for your business, the simplicity and functionality of KCPOS Stock Control will let you seamlessly transition into being a contemporary force in the industry.

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Take a look at the three main Stock features you need to know about to get started:


1) Mobile Stock Control

First and foremost, handheld scanners and tablet integration are the epitome of mobile working in the stock environment. Regardless of the size of your warehouse our connected Stock solution can manage and collate your stock data from anywhere on your premises with little to no limitations. It also allows you to collate your stock across multiple sites. So whether you own a few of stores, or if you’re a national chain retailer – KCPOS Stock can handle your operation and seamlessly catalogue your inventory to one collective platform. Real time synchronisation also means that this collated data will be updated instantly to your management platform for accurate and timely analytics.

2) Stock Analysis & Reporting

KCPOS Stock reporting gives you an extensive, well-rounded platform that provides full insight into your inventory using the stock dashboard features and gives you an overview of current stock levels across your sites. The stock control centre is a feature that complements the dashboard allows you to make informed decisions about your business based on the data that has been captured and analysed by your Stock scanner. The upshot of these analytical tools is that purchasing and planning your future stock levels to ensure you never overstock your inventory can be efficiently managed and cultivated to perfection with Stock.

3) Centralised Stock Management

On top of the fantastic capabilities of the handheld scanner and its integration with tablet technology, KCPOS Stock opens up all manner of avenues in physical ordering and stock management within the warehouse itself. KCPOS Stock can allow you to print out stock labels and barcodes for all of your inventory to physically mark and collate the items in your warehouses with a referenceable code that gives you complete control and simple access to the cataloguing process in KCPOS Stock. But our favourite thing about KCPOS Stock isn’t so much one of the features, it’s more about the platform itself. By condensing the stock management platform and refining it to a single solution, Stock has centralised the user experience and made it easier than ever to align all your data collectively from multiple sources in one integrated system.

Find out more about KCPOS stock management on our dedicated page.

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