Automate Your Trade Counter Pricing

One of the great things about trade prices is you can negotiate, offer discounts, and give certain customers special rates. But, this can cause a real headache when it comes to quoting, invoicing and updating selling prices as costs change.

However, help is at hand! Once again, advanced technology has the answer… KCPOS automated pricing makes things simple and will automatically update your product pricing based on your cost and selling prices!

Assign customers to price levels

With the latest in trade counter software, you can easily sync your customers. Then, it’s just a case of choosing how you want their pricing to be set. Most trade counters work in one of two ways:

  • Mark-up on cost price at product or category level
  • Discounting at product or category level


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Guaranteed profit with mark-ups

As the system always adds a percentage to the cost you have paid, you can be certain that you’re making money. You have up to nine price bands to play with, meaning you can set up different mark-up values based on the customer type.

For example, you may mark-up prices by 50% for retail customers, 30% for your cash account customers and 25% for your regular trade customers. You can even set different price levels according to category, removing the need to configure the price for each and every product.

Keep things simple with discounts

Marking up based on cost prices is great, but if you have been giving special discounts to particular trade customers for years, that’s fine too – the system can handle it. You can simply upload your standard retail prices from your suppliers and set a specific discount level for each customer or type of customer. Now, every time they make a purchase, they can clearly see the discount given on each invoice you issue.

Maintain margins with ease

Suppliers will often increase prices – usually with very little warning. Many businesses see this is a hugs task as they have to update their current systems by individual product. Imagine how long that would take with 10,000 products!

Margins processing utility, built-in

With the margins processing utility, this whole process will take seconds, instead of hours. Simply choose the supplier in question and increase prices by a percentage. You can even round to the nearest penny for retail pricing. Once you are happy and have fine-tuned everything, the system will automatically increase prices at top level and filter this down to all of your trade customer pricing too.

Your prices can essentially maintain themselves with our system. Whether your prices are fixed or tailored by individual customers, KCPOS trade pricing means the amount of admin you have to do is minimalised! No more manual price updates per customer; no more doubling up on work; and no more wasting time on spreadsheets when you could be out there with your customers!

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