What Is A Trade Counter EPOS System? Why Is It The Right Choice For Your Business?

We specialise in creating complete EPOS solutions for businesses such as Trade Counters, so they can not only manage their EPOS and till system, but integrate full stock control, accounts software an online sales. By using a complete trade counter EPOS system you can automate otherwise manual processes such as generate quotes, locating stock, updating pricing and posting sales and invoices to your accounting software.

Our trade counter EPOS System makes the admin side of your business easier, allowing you to focus on your customers and growing your busienss, rather than managing back office processes. Our EPOS solution can help your to find products, create customer quotes, generate sales orders and process invoices for your trade customers.

With accounts integration at the heart of our EPOS solution you can integrate your chosen software directly into your EPOS systems to record sales and manage things such as general and purchase ledgers.

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With a smart link set up to your website with our Ecommerce integration, you can keep sync stock levels for both in store and online sales to your warehouses and downloads orders ready for pick, pack and despatch. Our trade counter stock control can track stock of all shapes and sizes, from pallets to cut lengths of materials. With an intelligent stock solution you can forecast demand and re-order stock so you never run out. Take control of your stock with tablet devices and barcoding, from transfer, goods inwards, stock takes and order despatch, it’s never been easier to manage your warehouse stock. Plus you can set up multiple locations and sync all of them into your Trade counter epos systems to remove the need for double entry.

More About Our Trade Counter EPOS Solution.

  • Easily manage your customer trade accounts directly from your EPOS system. View contacts, check account balances, update and control pricing information on demand, including credit limits and account status.
  • Set up unique customer pricing across all trade EPOS locations, use price bands, discounts, quantity breaks and mark ups to create bespoke pricing.
  • Don’t be afraid to haggle with your trade customers. Give your staff direct access to all of the cost prices at the point of sale. Let them haggle with customers and with access to the information they can ensure your don’t provide too much discount or even make a loss.
  • Generate quotes at the till easily based on customer specific pricing, then either email, print or save the quote for later.
  • Create sales orders through the point of sale and instantly print out delivery notes or choose to despatch later.
  • Set up automated email invoices so your customer receives an emailed invoices every time they make a purchase, or choose batch sending to send all at once.

Increase Control With A Trade Counter Stock Management Solution.

  • Stock taking doesn’t have to be a headache any longer! Create immediate or scheduled stock takes and define which products should be counted, or set this up to randomise stock take products.
  • Create purchase orders when you need them, intelligently order stock based on sales trends, minimum stock levels or even last yeas sales to forecast exact stock requirements.
  • Pick, Pack and Despatch orders easily with sales order picking. Despatch sales order ad match with the original order to make sure the correct products are sent to the customer.
  • Bespoke units of measure (UOM), order stock in one quantity and sell in another or cut products to length to fulfil a customers order.
  • Create assembled products that can be sold or tracked with our Bill of Materials (BOM), perfect for companies that require basic manufacturing.
  • Don’t let multiple locations hold you back. Track and move stock between unlimited locations, whether they are your trade counters or warehouses.

Integrate Your Accounts To Your Trade Counter EPOS System.

  • Access to your sales ledger with up to date customer accounts showing current account status, credit limits and set up reminders for when invoices are due.
  • Manage your purchase ledger with up to date lists of company suppliers, easily raise purchase orders and track returns o your suppliers when needed.
  • Updated general ledger to be able to produce a full set of accounts including chart of accounts and trial balance.
  • Set up customer account statements to easily print or emails for your customers based on their account preferences.
  • Never miss a thin with detailed financial reporting. These reports cover customers, suppliers, banking, tax and stock valuations.
  • We have native integrations to all of the below accounting software packages:

Sell Online Through Your Trade Website With Our Ecommerce Link

  • You can choose the products that you’d like to sell online and set up avaliable quantities for your website sales.
  • Never miss an online sale with stock level monitoring and automated stock syncs to your warehouses and trade counter store.
  • Automate the ordering process and save time by downloading order that are ready to be picked, packed and despatched.
  • Allow access to existing customer accounts online where trade customers can view their account status, credit limit and charge their online order directly to their trade account through your website.
  • Set up special pricing for customers and allow them to access their price lists, discounts and quantity breaks both with instore and online sales.

Our trade counter EPOS solution gives you so much more flexibility and information that helps you to power and run your business. Not only do you get a great trade counter EPOS solution, but you can link this up to your stock control, online sales and integrate directly into your accounting software. To find out more about how we could help your trade counter with an EPOS solution, contact our team.

Trade Counter Demos

Trade Counter Demo

Generate A Quote

Watch our demo to see how to generate a quote for your trade customers at your till.

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Trade Counter Demo

Haggle Screen Feature

Watch our demo to see how our haggle screen functionality works for trade customers.

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Trade Counter Demo

Trade Account Payments

Watch our demo to see how to process trade customers paying on account at your POS.

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Trade Counter Demo

Sales Order Picking

Watch our demo video to see how to create and process a sales order ready for picking.

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