Why Integrating Your Accounts Software And EPOS Solution Is A Necessity

Most business owners will know that managing finances and bookkeeping can be a big headache and an even bigger drain on their resources. Manually filing away invoices, updating spreadsheets and logging company expenses can take up lots of valuable time. That’s why at KCPOS we pride ourselves on helping businesses across the UK to connect their EPOS system to their Accounts software to create a seamless integrated accounts EPOS solution.

If you already have an accounts package that you love we can integrate your new EPOS system directly into your software.

Some of the accounts software packages we can integrate our EPOS solution into include:

Sage 50
Sage 200
Pegasus Opera 3

Plus many more. If you don’t currently have an accounts package that you love and you’re still managing your invoices and finances manually then our commercials module would help connect your back end systems so your EPOS system can be linked to your accounts. You can read more about our Commercials module here.


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So why should you integrate your accoutning software into your EPOS system?

There are 3 main business benefits for integrating your accounts software into your EPOS system, these are:

Save Time

Reduce the amount of time you and your team spend manually imputing financial data and information into spreadsheets to balance the books after lots of till sales. Hours and hours of admin time can be saved with a simple connection from your chosen accounts package into your epos system. This also doesnt just happen when you get round to doing it, but is constantly updating with stock levels, pricing and transactions, freeing up your time to focus on other areas of your business.

Increase Accuracy

Not only is adding data manually a time-consuming job but it can leave room for human error. Manual data entry can be more prone to small errors that can end up contributing to massive issues. If you remove the need for human intervention you take away the concerns around errors too.

Reduce Spend

If you don’t already have an accounts package the truth is your probably put in a lot of manual effort only to send your books to an accountant to balance and manage. Even outsourcing a small amount of accounting like payroll or tax can cost your business. Many accounts software packages come with modules built in to help you manage tasks on your own. When you connect your chosen accounts package to your EPOS solution, the technology becomes part accountant for you. By choosing to use an accounting software package and linking that to your EPOS system you can end up saving money on professional accountancy fees.

So, what’s next? Well, if you don’t already have accounting software and you’re interested in what might suit your business best we’d recommend that you talk to one of our experts who can guide you based on your business functions, it may be that our commercials module will suit your busienss best. If you already have accounts software package and would like to integrate your EPOS system, then please get in touch to set up an initial chat. Once you’ve filled in the form at the top of this page, one of our EPOS system experts will give you a quick call to go through your initial requirements. Following this chat, we will set up a full KCPOS EPOS demo and have a thorough discussion about your business processes and how integrating your accounts software and EPOS would practically work. If you’d like to read more about this process, check out this page all about our process.

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