Should You Be Using an Integrated Retail EPOS System?

A retail EPOS system (which stands for ‘Electronic Point of Sale’) is, put simply, a till system that can have a whole host of features and integrations which make the management of your retail store much simpler than they otherwise would be with the use of dated cash till systems used many years ago.

But, what does it mean to have an integrated retail EPOS system and what are the benefits?

retail epos system

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Firstly, what is an EPOS system and why should every shop have one?

EPOS is business management software used by many industries such as retail, hospitality, trade counters and cash and carry businesses. EPOS allows businesses to transact with customers and usually involves some link or connection to other software such as stock control or accounts software integration.

An EPOS system for retail shops allow businesses like yours to streamline processes such as cashing up, stock management and reporting. By reducing the amount of human interaction in the process of reporting, you are reducing the chance of human error. If your transactions and sales are reported directly into your accounts software you can see exactly where your balance sheet sits.

Without the use of a retail EPOS system, you’re likely heavily increasing the amount of manual, error-prone processes for your teams and missing out on opportunities because you don’t have valuable insights into your data through reporting.


So, what does integrated EPOS mean?

Sometimes, we get so used to the systems we have in place, we don’t realise how much potential we can be missing out on by upgrading or updating them. You know what an EPOS system is, but what about an integrated EPOS system?

An integrated EPOS is a system that combines different solutions together so that they communicate and work in unison, so you can combine processes and make more informed decisions when it comes to reporting on financials, stock and customer data.

By moving to a more sophisticated, integrated EPOS system you can benefit from:

Card Payment Processing

Accounts Integration

Document every sale, whether instore or online, with a direct feed into your accounts solution. With proper accounts integration, you can record all sales accurately and quickly without human intervention. New products and customer information can be updated centrally for every till across the whole business – no matter how remote your branches might be.

Card Payment Processing

Stock Control Integration

With an effective stock control integration, you can beneift from automated adjustments to stock levels after every sale both eCommerce and in store. Simplify your stock with proper stock take reporting options. And enjoy remote access to data and stock reports when you need them to help make informed decisions. Plus, better stock visibility from anywhere.

stock control

eCommerce Integration

By integrating your EPOS system with your eCommerce site, you can automatically record every online sale in your accounts solution as it happens. Benefit from simplified stock adjustments and know that your pricing and stock is always up to date. And you can synchronise your data and reports to online and in- branch sales to see an overview of your business.

Card Payment Processing

Reporting Capabilities

Make informed decisions about your business quicker. With proper reporting, you can gain valuable insight into every area of your business. Eliminate the need for manual intervention to bring data together from multiple systems. And, by integrating your EPOS and finance system, you can enjoy powerful management reporting for finances, sales, stock and more.

What’s the best integrated EPOS system for my retail shop?

You don’t want to have separate systems that require manual activity from you or your teams, instead you want to be able to connect and integrate your systems together to increase sales and improve efficiencies across your business. What you need is a system like KCPOS.

KCPOS brings every area of your business together in one complete, integrated EPOS system. Our powerful EPOS software connects real-time data across your business. You have the power to link and manage your EPOS till system, accounts software (whether that’s Sage, Xero, or a Microsoft package), stock control and your ecommerce sales in one place. The reporting capabilities of our complete EPOS solution mean you’re provided with insights that will enable you to increase profitability, control costs and make more informed business decisions, offering you unlimited potential to grow your business.

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