Why Are EPOS Systems Important For Businesses?

In most customer facing or service providing businesses, the customer is at the heart of everything that business does. Increasing customer loyalty through exceptional service is what so many hospitality and retail businesses strive to do. That’s why having a good EPOS system is place is so important.

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Having a reliable Electronic Point of Sale or EPOS system in your business is important as it helps process sales, manage your accounts software and financial reporting, links to your stock control and online selling channels and can help with customer loyalty.

In a traditional sense the EPOS solution is a way in which a business can process payments and transactions from customers. Often referred to as the till, the modern EPOS solution has come a long way from being a traditional cash drawer with a receipt printer. EPOS Systems now provide a whole array of automated processes for businesses meaning less need for manual data entry and time-consuming processes need to happen. Electronic POS systems are important to the successful running of many businesses because they reduce human error, track stock correctly, automate cashing up and manage key business processes.

Cashflow and Pricing– Having an EPOS system in place can mean that you can keep better control of item pricing and cashflow. The system allows any new stock item to be added at the set price for that product type reducing errors with new inventory being added. A simple barcode scan can provide accurate product information to any member of staff also avoiding user error. With an EPOS system all promotions, upsells and discounts are managed in the EPOS admin and instantly pushed live to every point of sale and to your Ecommerce store meaning the updates are instant and fair for all customers.

Your Team – The right EPOS system can help you monitor performance by user or by till. Every user has to login with credentials to access the system, meaning you can incentivise your team and track top selling operators and top performing staff.

Stock Management – Most EPOS systems provide integrated stock control solutions meaning you can measure and manage stock through your tills. This is particularly useful when staff need to search for an item for a customer or you need to restock fast selling items. By setting up low stock alert levels you can either automate the solution to reorder stock below certain levels or set alerts for managers once stock hits a certain level. Plus, every time an item is purchased through the EPOS system the stock levels are updated and correct.

Better Customer Service
– Having an Electronic POS System is also important to help improve customer service as it allows your operators to serve customers quickly and efficiently. Simple menu options and easy to use layouts can make the buying process faster and speed up service across your outlets. If you have a customer loyalty programme you can bring up customer information with simple searches and even purchase history if required for that customer query.

Having an integrated EPOS solution allows businesses to focus on what matters which is efficiency and customer service. Other manual or time-consuming processes can be automated such as financial or stock reporting, allowing you to reallocate your employees time on other tasks, reducing operational costs and streamlining your business.

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