Referral & Accredited Partner Statuses With Excellent Incentives & Margins

Easily extend your product portfolio with all the help and support you need to sell. KCPOS offers an easy way to increase your offering to your customers.

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KCPOS offers prospective partners one of two agreements, either Accredited Partner Status or a Referral Partner.

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Become A Business Partner

If you’re already in the business of supply accounts and business software, then due to the nature of KCPOS being an integrated solution, the likelihood is that you could add KCPOS to your product portfolio without any training or formal agreement. KCPOS offers prospective partners one of two agreements, either Accredited Partner Status or a Referral Partner. If You Currently Resell Or Work With Any Of The Following Business And Finance Solutions, Adding Ours Is A No-Brainer.

Accredited KCPOS Partners

Selling software solutions can be difficult and demanding, but with Kamarin Computers’ products in your portfolio you have the confidence to assure your customers that they are buying the best.

To ensure you really get to grips with KC products, our provided training and accreditation programme is designed to ensure that you get the most from the opportunities that are available to you and your team through promoting, selling, installing and supporting our software.


epos providers

We also provide our business partners with up-to-date marketing materials to assist with your efforts with KC products. In addition to some of the most generous margins available in the industry, becoming a KCPOS Business Partner is an ideal opportunity for everyone.

Take time out now to enquire about the opportunities available to you. We are looking for new channel partners who are driven, proactive and hungry for success.

Accredited Partners Benefit From:

  • Full training on installation and support
  • Demo software licence provided
  • 50% margin on software
  • 50% recurring margin on annual licence fees
epos providers

KCPOS Referral Partners

Kamarin also offer the opportunity to become a Kamarin Referral Partner where businesses can earn a referral bonus for opportunities identified within their own customer base.

Kamarin will also provide all of the services from presales through to annual support but will reward our referral partners for each successful opportunity with a 20% bonus.

Referral Partners Benefit From:

  • No training required, simply recommend us!
  • Project progress updates
  • 20% referral commission on software
  • 20% commission on first year’s annual licence fee

An Adaptable Product Set That Easily Sells Into Your Customer Base

“KCPOS offers the best in accounts integrated EPOS and Stock Management solutions.”
– Rachel Jakings, Channel Partner Manager For KCPOS.

We’re looking for ambitious partners to join our channel.

Contact us today to find out how our solutions could help maximise your customer value and win more new business than ever before!

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