Support For Our KCPOS and KC Products Customers

If you’re an existing customer of ours then you can find all of the relevant phone numbers and email addresses for our support team below. The quickest and easiest way to reach the team you need is to use the dedicated number or email address for them.

If you’d prefer to log your own ticket, check on the status of an ongoing ticket or access support FAQs, please visit our customer portal.


Customer Portal > Support Contact Details >

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Customer Portal

If you’d prefer to log your own ticket, check on the status of an ongoing ticket or access support FAQs, please visit our customer portal. Watch our video “how to” for using our self-service portal – see how to login, search and log tickets.

Visit Customer Portal >

KC Customer Experience Contact Details

The fastest way to contact our Customer Experience teams with issues related to our EPOS and retail products is by telephone, but they may also be reached via email. The contact details for our EPOS products can be found below, alongside information around 24/7 support for those with 24/7 support contracts.

Opening Hours: 09:00 – 17:00 Monday – Friday (excluding bank holidays).

KCPOS and KC Products

KCPOS and KC Products

t: 01733 297105 – Option 4
p: Find resources or log a ticket

Emergency EPOS

Emergency EPOS Support

For customers with 24/7 support.

t: 01733 297105 – Please have your PIN ready

When to use emergency support ↓

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Our emergency EPOS support is for customers with 24/7 support contracts who need help with urgent EPOS issues that arise outside of business hours. You can locate your PIN in your support welcome details. To enquire about getting emergency EPOS support, email us.

Important Security Information

In order to keep your data and system access secure it is important to understand the methods we use to contact and connect to our customer systems. Please be vigilant when speaking to anyone about your IT or software systems and if you have any concerns, contact us using the details explained below before allowing anyone to access your IT network or software systems.


Remote Support Connections

Our support teams access your system the same way each time and will only ever ask to connect your device(s) using the following URL:

More information below >

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If for any reason you are using your own tool to share your screen or system, then please ensure that you are connecting to us. We would advise that you phone us to arrange this before connecting your own system to anyone else (including us).


Support Ticket Access

Access to your existing support tickets, as well as the option to log a new support ticket, should be completed via:

More information below >

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Tickets can also be raised, screenshots taken and the Customer Portal accessed via the icon that appears in your system tray in the bottom right of your PC. This can be accessed by clicking the upwards arrow, followed by The HBP Group logo icon:

hbp icon

Alternatively, tickets can be raised using the relevant phone numbers or email addresses on this page. All tickets will be accessible via the above URL which can also be accessed via the system tray icon which we install on each device we support.


Security Changes

Any changes required to your system, either relating to the system set up itself or relating to user access, must be logged via or by email (using the relevant email address on this page).

More information below >

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Any password changes will be confirmed via a phone call and will be sent in an encrypted email.

Any major system changes will be discussed over the phone with the relevant contact(s) within the organisation involved.

We will only make changes to your system with the approval of the confirmed security contact(s) within your organisation.

Other Helpful Contact Details

Do you need to speak with another of our internal teams? If you have a query related to accounts or anything operational, you can reach them using the contact details below:

Our Finance Team

t: 01724 400308

Our Operations Team

t: 01724 400345

Contact 0800 0433 106