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Learn More About How KCPOS Works With Our Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a list of questions that are generally asked during our pre-sales process. These questions cover a range of topics such as how our accounts integration works, what support we have available, what you can expect when working with us and an overview of reporting. These only cover some of our most popular questions so if you have a burning question about KCPOS you’d like an answer to, send us an enquiry and we’ll sort arrange a call with one of our EPOS experts.


Where are you based?

We are 100% UK based, that includes our development, sales and support team.
We cover all the UK and beyond from our offices in Scunthorpe, Hull, Peterborough, Southampton and Newcastle, with customers from Cornwall up to Aberdeen – all our support team are UK based with a direct-line straight through to them.

Can you link into our chip and pin devices?

We work with a number of providers so we can review which you have or if they are not compatible we can also put you in touch with one of our providers if necessary.

Can we pay monthly?

Yes we provide monthly payment options via a lease partner over 3 or 5 years to include all of the solution and services quoted to help with your monthly budgeting.

How do we backup the software?

As a part of our solution we provide an off site cloud backup solution to ensure any data related to our system is backed up and is easily accessible to our support team should we need to undertake any recovery of data.

What hardware do I need to run your software?

As a part of the solution, we will provide costings for Microsoft Windows based devices appropriate to your requirements, and if required for your back office accounts and stock. As Microsoft Gold partners we can provide guidance and review of any existing hardware’s suitability and provide PC’s or servers for larger implementations if required.

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Can work be done out of hours?

Yes, we understand that your business may need to complete work and updates out of hours, any work scheduling can be discussed with your account manager. We will try our best to work around what works for your business.

Is KCPOS cloud based?

KCPOS is an on premise application, however it can be fully hosted in our Tier 2 Data Centre to provide you centralised management of the system from anywhere you require. The main processing applications do need to be installed on windows devices, this means that you are still able to serve customers in branch should you loose internet connection.

Is your system PCI compliant for Credit Card Transactions?

We don’t need to be, our integration works directly with PCI compliant credit card providers. Transactions are encrypted on the chip and pin terminal itself and decrypted behind the providers secure firewalls, there is no credit card data held within our systems removing our PCI obligations in terms of card data in the software.

We have a small coffee shop at one of our trade counters, can KCPOS be used for this as well?

Absolutely, KCPOS has been designed to allow you to use the system across departments as well as branches so you only need to administer and manage one system.

What about integration to my web site?

Yes, we can also link your stock database to your e-commerce site to manage your online sales, this works by uploading pricing and stock, then downloading orders into your accounts software.

Will your integration update my website with the despatch status of a customers order?

Yes, as part of the integration once an order has been picked/despatched on KCPOS the integration to your website can update the online system to show the order has been despatched saving you having to do this manually.

How will we setup stock, we have thousands of items in our old system?

So long as you can get the data in to an Excel spreadsheet we can provide assistance in the setup and import, though you will need to tidy up the products, pricing and supplier information before import if you are exporting from your existing system.

Not all of my suppliers Barcode their products can I print my own labels?

Yes, KCPOS comes with a label design tool which allows you to create barcode labels using data held in the system.

Can I raise a Purchase Order using a barcode scanner on the shop floor?

We have two ways to raise orders within KCPOS, you can either Scan products on the shop floor or utilise our inbuilt algorithms to reorder products based on stocking levels, seasonal trends or prior period sales averages.

Can I restrict what functions users can access, for example I don’t want everyone to be able to add or update stock details?

Yes, Because the integration to the accounts system is a one-way link for reading product data, till operators can be blocked from creating anything new on the point of sale. If the stock is held in KCPOS then like your finance system, we can restrict who can add/edit items.

What are your lead times?

We can usually commence within a month of an order being placed, subject to on-going projects.

Can I use your software on a iMac or iPad?

No, our solutions do require Microsoft Windows based operating systems, however they will run on Windows based tablet devices so we are happy to discuss your requirements further to see if these will work for you.

Accounts Software:

What accounts packages do you link to?

Ready to implement integrations include Sage 50Cloud Accounts Professional , Sage 200 Professional, Advanced Exchequer, Pegasus Opera, Access Dimensions, Greentree, Xero and Microsoft Business Central 365.

Which version of Sage do you link to?

Sage 50Cloud Accounts Professional and Sage 200 Professional

Do you link to Sage Cloud?

Only the Sage 50cloud Accounts Professional version.

In Sage 50 I have no way to really cater for Units of Measure, Can KCPOS Improve this?

Yes by managing the Stock within KCPOS we are able to cater or Units of Measure as well as Size/Style/Colour combinations, even controlling pricing, stock levels and even VAT rates on each dimension.

How much would a solution linked to Sage 50 Cloud Professional cost?

Each customers requirement can be different but for a single till system, consultancy and first years support you should budget around £6,500 +

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We use Sage 50 but have more than one location so our stock management is an issue how can you solve that?

This isn’t a problem we can manage the stock movements and records for your business within KCPOS, and still offer the same level of integration to Sage 50 for your financial data in to Sage to manage your accounting and VAT.

How do I check what version of Sage I have?

Login to Sage and look in the menu at HELP and ABOUT.

We’ve got Sage 50 Cloud Professional but haven’t got stock setup up, can you help?

Yes as Sage Partners we have team that can assist with Sage training and implementation of new features within Sage as well as our own solutions.

How do you integrate your EPOS to accounts?

Our integrations work through a polling method, this gives control and visibility of data moving between KCPOS and your finance system whilst at the same time automating the whole process. Our polling delivers a two-way synchronisation, it is not just about getting your sales data into the accounts, your finance system holds a lot of valuable information that KCPOS will use to function, saving huge amounts of time, energy, and risk from maintaining data in two systems. The polling can be configured to run at a frequency that meets your needs, discussed during the project configuration.

What type of data will integrate when adding accounts into KCPOS?

We can cover the intricacies of the integration particular to your finance system as part of the pre-sales process, but some of the most widely used synchronisations include:

  • Sales – Post sales recorded at the till through to your finance system, at a consolidated level (per day, per till) or at an individual sale and invoice level as either an order or invoice.
  • Stock – KCPOS can handle the movement of stock be it through a sale, or goods received against a purchase order, even adjustments through stock taking. We can also manage stock records within KCPOS and link these to the financial analysis and VAT information to provide extended functionality where required.
  • Customers and Supplier records – for use in raising transactions back in to the system. With customer transactions we read not only contact information but also pricing, credit account status’, balances and credit limits to allow you to process transactions fully to accounting system requirements.


Is your help desk in the UK?

Yes, we are 100% based in the UK across all of our teams.

Do you provide out of hours support?

Yes, Emergency Weekend support via e-mail and phone and is included as standard in our solution proposal.

What is your support like e.g. Response Times?

Our Service Level Agreement or SLA is 1 hour response time and 8-hour fix time.
At KCPOS we have average response times of less than 30 minutes and fix times of under 2 1/2 hours – well below industry standards and a level of performance which leads to a 99.7% satisfaction scores from our customers.

What support is available?

We provide both standard support from our helpdesk Monday – Friday and Emergency weekend support to help provide peace of mind during your busiest periods. Our UK based support is available via the telephone, email or via our customer portal and our team will connect to your systems to review issues with you as standard.
We also offer tailored support which includes on site reviews and system upgrades so you can pre-plan administration tasks and housekeeping around your quieter periods and ensure you are getting the most from the systems.


What reporting do you have in the software?

KCPOS comes with a wide range of reports covering Sales Analysis, Transaction audit trails and Cash reporting and due to our integration directly to industry leading finance solutions you can draw on the power available within your existing business systems as well. If there is a standard report not available, we can work with you to design a new report or for customers who want to design complex or cross system reporting we would deploy the Microsoft Power BI tool to provide a tailored reporting option where required.

Can you integrate with Power BI for reporting?

Yes, this is a reporting option that many of our customers choose to use. Your dedicated account manager will be able to discuss this additional reporting during your requirements meeting.

I have a separate CRM system can you export data out of KCPOS to use in there?

Yes, all of our dashboard reporting has the option to out put to excel as standard.

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Our EPOS solution is so much more than just a till system. We’ve worked hard on making your life easier by creating just one connected solution that allows you to run your business, focus on customers and report on everything so you can make informed business decisions and keep your customers happy.

Benefits For Your Business

Understanding and streamlining every area of your business is important to ensure the growth of your company. KCPOS helps you manage each part of your sales process from the sale itself to stock replenishment and links them all together in a single system.

Benefits For Your Customers

The expectations we all have as customers are now higher than ever and as a supplier you have to ensure that you provide an outstanding level of customer service, fast delivery times and minimal mistakes in order to meet these demands.

Benefits For Your Business

Understanding and streamlining every area of your business is important to ensure the growth of your company. KCPOS helps you manage each part of your sales process from the sale itself to stock replenishment and links them all together in a single system.

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Understand your profitability by product, by branch or as a whole business.

epos providers

Manage stock and inventory efficiently, reduce stock wastage and speed up stock takes.

epos providers

Make informed decisions about your business by analysing accurate accounts information.

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Connect online sales platforms to maximise revenues streams and increase overall sales and profit.

Benefits For Your Customers

The expectations we all have as customers are now higher than ever and as a supplier you have to ensure that you provide an outstanding level of customer service, fast delivery times and minimal mistakes in order to meet these demands.

epos providers

Trade customers pay their ‘special’ pricing at any branch and can pay via their trade account.

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Walk into a branch and get instant info on stock levels and order processing/delivery times.

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Not sure of the price? Our haggle screens allow you to negotiate the price you want directly at the till.

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Customer service is made easy, with all info in a single system that can be accessed by your team.

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With over 60 years experience in the industry, this family-run company has expanded greatly. Taskers needed an EPOS system which could automatically transfer data into their accounts package. With the incredibly expansive inventory due to the wide offering of products, they required an EPOS and stock system that could handle and navigate their inventory.

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We have the ability to do transactions we weren’t able to do before, it reduces the amount of human error and we’ve received really dynamic and excellent support.

Paul Schwartz, Taskers

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