Maximise Your Online Sales With Our Ecommerce EPOS Integration

Easily link your Ecommerce sales with your EPOS System through simple integration. Connect your website and online sales to your in-store sales and keep track of stock levels and accounts in one complete system. Manage customer loyalty, special pricing and discounts in one place for all of your online sales. You can even link your Amazon and eBay storefronts to your stock, accounts and website sales with our connected EPOS system.

See an overview explanation of our stock control solution below.

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Connected EPOS & Online Sales For Your Business With An Ecommerce EPOS Integration

Sell more through multiple online channels such as your website, Amazon and eBay, whilst keeping it simple with our EPOS and online sales integration.

Unlike some online sales connection software packages which claim to ‘integrate’ your data and your systems, with KCPOS there is no manual intervention needed. This means no downloading and uploading of spreadsheets, and no manual re-keying of data saving you time. Instead, the relevant data within your systems is mapped to the correct fields on each linked platform, synchronising at the times you specify.

Although KCPOS allows integration to any database, we have templated the integration between common industry leading Ecommerce platforms such as Magento. With a small amount of scripting, your web developer can simply and quickly link any other eCommerce platform or service, such as Shopify, Woo Commerce or a bespoke system. With sales on the up across Amazon and eBay storefronts, easily link your sales with your business accounts and stock information to synchronise online sales across your business.

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Sell More & Keep It Simple

Link all of your Ecommerce sales through your website, or other online channels by synchronising data on stock and accounts to keep your life simple and give you an accurate view of online sales performance. Push pricing changes, stock availability, transaction data and more to all endpoints from your accounts/business software, and pull new transactions or user-content on-demand. Create a seamless loop of data across multiple channels, apps or services.

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Focus On Customers & Improve Service

Improve you customer experience online and give your customers what they want by providing individual, specific content or transaction data. Meet and exceed customer demand in your industry with a customer service mobile app, customer-specific pricing in your online shop or develop a loyalty strategy from historic orders to increase lifetime spend and make your customers feel valued. Develop marketing and sales strategy based on customer type spend or peak/seasonal buying periods.

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Connect To Amazon & eBay Easily

Whilst website sales allow you to reach your audience 24/7. Increase
your sales even further through Amazon & eBay storefronts. Our integration allows you to link your real time financial sales data with your accounts package. Remove human intervention and re-keying of data, therefore virtually eliminating human error across all of your sales endpoints. Connect your sales and transaction data to any 3rd party application, service, website or app and create one, single, seamless platform.

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Accurate Online Sales Information

Our EPOS and online sales integration enables reporting from 3rd party
applications directly in-house. With a clear and accurate view of sales information you can make better decisions faster for your business. Generate and view reports from all your different individual channels. Make more informed decisions based on accurate and timely data and grow your business. Manage all your sales and customer experience channels from your accounts software at the touch of a button.

A KCPOS Success StoryTaskers

With over 60 years experience in the industry, this family-run company has expanded greatly. Taskers needed an EPOS system which could automatically transfer data into their accounts package. With the incredibly expansive inventory due to the wide offering of products, they required an EPOS and stock system that could handle and navigate their inventory.

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We have the ability to do transactions we weren’t able to do before, it reduces the amount of human error and we’ve received really dynamic and excellent support.

Paul Schwartz, Taskers

Connect Your Systems, Save Time &
Delight Your Customers.

Our EPOS solution is so much more than just a till system. We’ve worked hard on making your life easier by creating just one connected solution that allows you to run your business, focus on customers and report on everything so you can make informed business decisions and keep your customers happy.

Benefits For Your Business

Understanding and streamlining every area of your business is important to ensure the growth of your company. KCPOS helps you manage each part of your sales process from the sale itself to stock replenishment and links them all together in a single system.

Benefits For Your Customers

The expectations we all have as customers are now higher than ever and as a supplier you have to ensure that you provide an outstanding level of customer service, fast delivery times and minimal mistakes in order to meet these demands.

Benefits For Your Business

Understanding and streamlining every area of your business is important to ensure the growth of your company. KCPOS helps you manage each part of your sales process from the sale itself to stock replenishment and links them all together in a single system.

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Never miss a sale with multiple online channels for customers to choose from.

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Manage stock both instore and online with one connected EPOS solution.

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Make informed decisions about your business by analysing accurate online sales accounts information.

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Maximise sales through Amazon & Ebay to help boost your online sales .

Benefits For Your Customers

The expectations we all have as customers are now higher than ever and as a supplier you have to ensure that you provide an outstanding level of customer service, fast delivery times and minimal mistakes in order to meet these demands.

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Choose from the widest range of products available, always in stock when you want them.

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With stock management across all online sale channels, the info you see is accurate.

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Pricing and stock levels you can rely on for both onsite and online sales.

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Customer service is made easy, with all info in a single system that can be accessed by your team.

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If you’re struggling with the challenges of separate manual processes from the till, to stock, to entering in accounts information and creating reports, reach out to us to discuss your current processes and find out how KCPOS can help you connect all areas of your business together in one solution.

Our advice and guidance is always free and we’re happy to talk to any business, no matter what stage of the thought process they’re going through. We have built our business on the values of trustworthiness and passion and will happily provide assistance to you, so if you want a chat, just get in touch.

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Visibility Of Your Entire Business With One Connected EPOS System

The best business decisions are based on accurate information.
That’s why you need KCPOS.

Our powerful software connects real-time data across your business, so you have the power to link and manage your EPOS till system, accounts software, stock control and your ecommerce sales in one place . You are provided with insights that will enable you to increase profitability, control costs and make more informed business decisions, offering you unlimited potential to grow your business.

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Manage Retail & Trade In One POS System

Serve trade or retail customers quickly and accurately with easy-to-use tills and POS.

  • Instant access to data on your customers, special pricing and stock on every till.
  • Intelligent offline mode allows you the freedom to continue selling without Wi-Fi.
  • Unique industry specific features, such as wholesale discounts and haggle screens.
  • Increase revenue with upsell opportunities at the point-of-sale, easily manage promotions and discounts at any till.
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Intelligent Accounts For Easy Reporting

Easily connect your EPOS solution to your chosen accounts package and start reporting accurately.

  • Benefit from out-of-the-box links to Sage, Pegasus, Exchequer, Access, Greentree & Xero to get started quickly
  • Document every sale, whether instore or online, with a direct feed into your chosen accounts solution.
  • Record all sales accurately and quickly without human intervention.
  • New products and customer information can be updated centrally for every till across the whole business – no matter how remote your branches.
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Stop Guessing, Know Accurate Stock Levels

Complete stock management that keeps stock levels controlled & customers happy.

  • Automated adjustments to stock levels after every sale both Ecommerce and in store.
  • Reduce the headache of stock takes with flexible stock take options that work for you and your business, including stock take reporting options.
  • Remote access to data and stock reports when you need them to help make informed decisions.
  • Instant stock visibility from multiple locations that can be assessed through tills or reports.
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Insight You Didn’t Even Know Existed

Report from a single place with only one system covering all functions of your business.

  • Maintain stock, customer and financial data in one place, seamlessly integrated.
  • Access online reporting dashboards at any time on any device to make faster, more informed business decisions.
  • speed up monthly reporting without the need for spreadsheet manipulation and preparation.
  • Maximise with ‘Best seller reports’ where you can identify the best sellers in your branches, across multiple locations and through online sales.
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KCPOS is currently supporting businesses across the UK with their EPOS requirements. We currently have a 99% customer satisfaction rating and 98% customer retention rate.

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