Trade Counter EPOS System That Manages Everything In One Place

Our Trade Counter EPOS system allows you to manage stock, retail and trade sales across multiple sites. Offer customer-specific pricing, easily toggle between trade and customer sales on your point of sale, even set up haggle screens for trade sales.

Watch our overview video to learn more about how our trade counter EPOS system works.

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Because Time’s Money For Trade Counter EPOS System Customers

Busy tradespeople are always under time pressure. If the job stops, they’re not earning. That’s why giving them what they need, when they need it, builds the loyalty that leads to repeat business. Some of the UK’s busiest trade counter operators have discovered that KCPOS is a vital tool in coming up with the goods. KCPOS supports every area of those businesses.

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Manage Retail & Trade In One POS System

Serve trade or retail customers quickly and accurately with easy-to-use tills and POS.

  • Instant access to data on your customers, special pricing and stock on every till.
  • Set up custom menus and features for every area of the business – plumbing, electrical, building materials – anything you can think of, and make it specific to individual customers.
  • Unique features such as wholesale discounts and haggle screens.
  • Increase revenue with upsell opportunities at the point-of-sale, easily manage promotions such as end-of-line clearances and managers promotions and discounts at any till.
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Intelligent Accounts For Easy Reporting

Easily connect your EPOS solution to your chosen accounts package and start reporting accurately.

  • Benefit from out-of-the-box links to Sage, Pegasus, Exchequer, Access, Greentree & Xero to get started quickly.
  • Document every sale, whether instore or online, with a direct feed into your chosen accounts solution.
  • Record all sales accurately and quickly without human intervention. Feed sales information directly into your accounts from online of on-site sales.
  • New products and customer information can be updated centrally for every till across the whole business – no matter how remote your branches.
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Stop Guessing, Know Accurate Stock Levels

Complete stock management that keeps stock levels controlled & customers happy.

  • Automated adjustments to stock levels after every sale both eCommerce and in store.
  • Reduce the headache of stock takes with flexible stock take options that work for you and your business, including stock take reporting options.
  • Link customers to a loyalty system to help you both get the best value from doing business together and create new promotions based on stock levels.
  • Instant stock visibility from multiple locations that can be assessed through tills or reports.
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Complete Control Over Online Sales

Connect any online sales from your website, Amazon and Ebay to in-store stock and reporting.

  • Automatically record every online sale in your accounts solution as it happens.
  • Adjust on-screen stock levels when sales are made or deliveries received.
  • Trust that your pricing and stock is always up to date onscreen prices and stock levels across any branch or through your online sales platforms.
  • Synchronise your data and reports to online and in- branch sales to see an overview of your business or branch by branch performance. Record sales history from all platforms as a basis for future tailored marketing.
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KCPOS is a single EPOS platform into which we have integrated every element of functionality a busy trade counter could ever need.

Our connected EPOS solution is just as happy handling ‘ordinary’ sales as checking stock availability anywhere in the business or offering valuable customers the opportunity to haggle with our custom haggle screens that show you how much margin you make per product to haggle effectively.

How does it do all that? We’ve given our software a variety of powerful options, and we’ve made them the very model of simplicity to understand and operate.

But there’s more. KCPOS has the power to link your tills to your accounts package, website and stock control systems, so you’ll always know how your counter is performing.

A KCPOS Success StoryHowsafe

Howsafe Ltd started in 1978 as a family run business and has grown to be one of Peterborough’s largest workwear and personal safety equipment suppliers. The main benefit of KCPOS to Howsafe is the integration of their tills, accounts software and Ecommerce website; this has given them the ability to manage their whole business through a single system.

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We immediately saw the benefits of having an all in one, fully integrated system to manage both the sales and stock in one place.

Stewart Howe, Howsafe
Howsafe van with man stood next to it

Connect Your Systems, Save Time &
Delight Your Customers.

Our EPOS solution is so much more than just a till system. We’ve worked hard on making your life easier by creating just one connected solution that allows you to run your business, focus on customers and report on everything so you can make informed business decisions and keep your customers happy.

Benefits For Your Business

Understanding and streamlining every area of your business is important to ensure the growth of your company. KCPOS helps you manage each part of your sales process from the sale itself to stock replenishment and links them all together in a single system.

Benefits For Your Customers

The expectations we all have as customers are now higher than ever and as a supplier you have to ensure that you provide an outstanding level of customer service, fast delivery times and minimal mistakes in order to meet these demands.

Benefits For Your Business

Understanding and streamlining every area of your business is important to ensure the growth of your company. KCPOS helps you manage each part of your sales process from the sale itself to stock replenishment and links them all together in a single system.

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Understand your profitability by product, by branch or as a whole business.

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Manage stock and inventory efficiently, reduce stock wastage and speed up stock takes.

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Make informed decisions about your business by analysing accurate accounts information.

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Connect online sales platforms to maximise revenues streams and increase overall sales and profit.

Benefits For Your Customers

The expectations we all have as customers are now higher than ever and as a supplier you have to ensure that you provide an outstanding level of customer service, fast delivery times and minimal mistakes in order to meet these demands.

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Trade customers pay their ‘special’ pricing at any branch and can pay via their trade account.

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Walk into a branch and get instant info on stock levels and order processing/delivery times.

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Not sure of the price? Our haggle screens allow you to negotiate the price you want directly at the till.

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Customer service is made easy, with all info in a single system that can be accessed by your team.

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We help businesses across the UK keep their EPOS connected so they can easily manage their business and focus on growth.

If you’re struggling with the challenges of separate manual processes from the till, to stock, to entering in accounts information and creating reports, reach out to us to discuss your current processes and find out how KCPOS can help you connect all areas of your business together in one solution.

Our advice and guidance is always free and we’re happy to talk to any business, no matter what stage of the thought process they’re going through. We have built our business on the values of trustworthiness and passion and will happily provide assistance to you, so if you want a chat, just get in touch.

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Stop Managing Your Business The Hard Way. Embrace A Connected EPOS System.

Whether you currently manage all of your business processes separately or still write out paper invoices and manually input them into accounts software, you might be ready to hear more about how KCPOS software can help you. Our connected EPOS system is easy to manage and gives you the power of information you need to help your business grow. Streamline stock control, allow customers to pay on account, integrate with your accounts package – just a few examples of how our EPOS system can revolutionise your business.

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What does KCPOS do?

Would you like to know more about our EPOS solution and how it can help easily connect all areas of your business? If so, visit our dedicated page which covers all of the features and functionality it has, what they do and how it can help your business in each area from managing stock to reporting on your online orders.

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How Does KCPOS Work?

KCPOS starts from a simple thought: Everything that happens in your business impacts on something else, so a single connected EPOS system should monitor it all seamlessly, from stock control to accounts reporting. Find out more about how KCPOS works to bring together all areas of your business.

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Who is KCPOS for?

The requirement for an EPOS system covers a wide range of businesses, from retail and hospitality to trade counters and wholesalers. If you want to find out if our KCPOS connected EPOS system can help a business like yours, then we’ve broken things down by the sub-industries to help.

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Is KCPOS right for you?

Not sure if KCPOS is right for you? Why not book a free demo of our EPOS software? We’ll talk to you about your biggest challenges and we’ll build a demo that’s unique to you, using your own data. Our free demo is the best way to find out if KCPOS is the right EPOS system for your business.

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We Come Highly Recommended!

KCPOS is currently supporting businesses across the UK with their EPOS requirements. We currently have a 99% customer satisfaction rating and 98% customer retention rate.

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We work with some large and influential names in many different sectors around the UK.

Read their case studies and discover how KCPOS has helped them to grow and become more agile.

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