Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central To Your EPOSMicrosoft Dynamics 365 for Retail

Seamlessly link our EPOS system – KCPOS – to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central accounts software, for powerful reporting, full stock control and visibility, improved customer management and eliminate the need for duplicate data across multiple systems and across multiple sites.

Combining Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP, with our own KCPOS EPOS System allows you to unify stock control from across multiple stores and sites bringing all your data together in one place, streamlining processes and giving you greater control. Want to see how microsoft dynamics retail could work for your business? Book our demo to find out.

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Manage Your Point of Sale, Stock, Finances, Sales, Operations and Key Business Processes With Ease.

Dynamics 365 Business Central for Retail

KCPOS 365 brings together leading software into a single solution that is perfectly suited to retail businesses looking for Dynamics EPOS. The vast level of customisation options and flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central means that it can fit organisations of many sizes. As standard, it manages your finance, CRM, supply chain, projects, HR and marketing and sales. By seamlessly linking your Microsoft Dynamics retail with KCPOS, you can integrate to your website and get even more customisation. Powerful reports, designed for the retail, trade and wholesale industries, make it easy to analyse your sales by store, region, product, or any other metric.

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Unify Your EPOS and eCommerce Platforms

KCPOS is a powerful EPOS system which is easy to use and is a perfect solution for businesses with multiple tills, stores and stock locations. With centralised management of data through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, your tills use shared data which can be updated quickly and easily in terms of stock, pricing and product detail. With integration to eCommerce platforms, such as eBay and Amazon, all your data will flow between your tills, online platforms and finance system, so your data is up-to-date and accurate.

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Connect Finances to The Rest of Your Business

Business Central’s financial management is the core to the entire solution, underpinning all other aspects of the platform. Cost accounting will help you understand the costs of your running your business. Easily analyse the types of costs incurred in the running of your company, where the costs occur and who bears the costs. Plus, manage multiple companies, perform intercompany transactions, consolidate at the GL account level and across all companies, providing a true picture of your finances.

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Powerful Reporting for Informed Decisions

Eliminate the need for manual intervention to bring data together from multiple systems. Not only can you report on every till across a branch or multiple locations quickly with KCPOS, you can break down information by type, location, till, time of day, or even operator. From Business Central, you can spot trends, report on profits and sales and use Power BI to enable visual graphs and reports for any area of your system. That means greater visibility of your business, the ability to prevent issues and a more intuitive experience.

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Intelligent Stock Control and Forecasting

Optimise your inventory levels, with built-in intelligence that predicts in real-time what to replenish and when, so you only receive what you need – helping you to save time and money. Your teams will have complete visibility of the order lifecycle, all in one place. Working with sales made through KCPOS, Business Central’s intuitive predictions and forecasts will notify you when to prepare for increased demand and get alerted to slow moving goods. Ensure a first in, first out stock picking process if required too.

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Powerful CRM Functionality

Managing customer relationships is vital for any retailer. With KCPOS 365, you can unify your systems and enjoy an integrated CRM that allows you to store all your customer data within, so you can gain a full view of all interactions. Even see customer information pulled from Business Central, whilst you’re still in Outlook. Data is readily available to customer service teams, as well as sales. With full visibility, your teams can better understand customer requirements and resolve any requests, queries or issues a customer might have.

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Optimise Your Order Processing

Thanks to Microsoft’s powerful integration capabilities, you can receive an order from a customer via email and without leaving Outlook, action things like sales quotes, sales invoices and sales orders. Not only will that greatly reduce admin time, but it also means a fast and reliable service for customers. Business Central automatically calculates the date on which you must order an item to have it in inventory for a certain date, so it’s available for picking and shipping. This feeds into KCPOS, for accurate real-time data on stock.

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Complete Control Over Your Online Sales

Unlike some online sales connections which claim to ‘integrate’ your data and systems, with KCPOS there is no manual intervention needed. So no downloading and uploading of spreadsheets and no re-keying of data, saving you time. Instead, automatically record every online sale in Business Central as it happens – so your financials and stock levels are always up-to-date and available as real-time data. Then, simply adjust on-screen stock levels on KCPOS when sales are made through online platforms or deliveries received.

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Manage Multiple Companies and Locations

Manage multiple companies or locations in a single system, with the ability to post intercompany transactions automatically. Consolidation of final accounts can be performed across companies with different charts of accounts, fiscal years or currencies. Plus, if you need to make a change on one till, it can be automatically applied on tills at other locations. You’ll be able to report holistically with ease – no need to manually pull data and information from different companies or locations to see the bigger picture.

A KCPOS Success StoryTaskers

With over 60 years experience in the industry, this family-run company has expanded greatly. With the incredibly expansive inventory due to the wide offering of products, they required an EPOS and stock system that could handle and navigate their inventory. Initially integrated with their Sage ERP system, Taskers then moved to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central shortly afterwards to utilise the full power of KCPOS 365.

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We have the ability to do transactions we weren’t able to do before, it reduces the amount of human error and we’ve received really dynamic and excellent support.

Paul Schwartz, Taskers

Stop Managing Your Business The Hard Way. Embrace A Connected EPOS System.

Whether you currently manage all of your business processes separately or still write out paper invoices and manually input them into accounts software, you might be ready to hear more about how KCPOS software can help you. Our connected EPOS system is easy to manage and gives you the power of information you need to help your business grow. Streamline stock control, allow customers to pay on account, integrate with your accounts package – just a few examples of how our EPOS system can revolutionise your business.

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KCPOS 365 for Retail & Online Retail

KCPOS 365 provides everything a large or medium sized retailer needs to manage their business. With the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central managing your finances, operations, HR and CRM systems you’ll also be able to delight your customers with a powerful EPOS system and Ecommerce tools to integrate your online platforms. KCPOS is easy to use and manages everything you would expect from a retail POS system including discount structures (BOGOF, 3 for price of 2 etc.), gift cards, loyalty schemes and more!

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KCPOS 365 for Wholesalers

KCPOS 365 provides a powerful back end and front end solution for wholesale businesses who sell to both retail and trade customers. Unlike many other POS systems, KCPOS can operate in either retail or trade mode, making it easy for your users to use customer specific price lists or RRP structures, depending on the customer at the till. With stock control than handles units of measure, size/colour/style matrixes, blind stock takes and more, you’ll be able to delight your customers with fast service, accurate pricing and up to date stock at all times.

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KCPOS 365 for Trade Counters

Trade Counters, such as tile merchants, timber merchants, DIY stores and paint and decorating outlets, need the ability to sell to both members of the trade and members of the public quickly and easily. KCPOS enables this at each till, so your users can easily switch to either mode and enable customer specific pricing, credit sales and our unique “haggle” mode, as required. With all data seamlessly linked to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, insightful and actionable reports can be created to drive the growth and success of your business.

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KCPOS 365 Integration for Existing Users

If you’re already an existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central user then you can still benefit from KCPOS 365 with our integration services. We can supply your business with KCPOS, fully integrated to Business Central, along with the till hardware, software, training and support required to benefit from the full power of KCPOS 365. Working alongside your Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner we can help them to build new reports using information from your retail and online sales which will feed information directly into your Business Central solution.

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