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How to Link Dynamics Business Central to EPOS Software with KCPOS

Dynamics Business Central is a powerful accounting tool that helps businesses of all sizes manage their finances.

Business Central is a flexible solution that can be customized to meet the specific needs of businesses of all sizes. It is also a scalable solution that can grow with your business. However, to get the most out of Business Central, you need to integrate it with other essential business systems, such as your EPOS software. EPOS software, or electronic point of sale software, is used to manage retail sales transactions. It can help you track inventory levels, process payments, and provide customer service.

By integrating Dynamics Business Central with EPOS software, you can create a single view of your business data. This will help you make better business decisions and provide your customers with a more seamless shopping experience.

One of the best EPOS software solutions for integrating with Dynamics Business Central is KCPOS. KCPOS is an easy to use EPOS solution that offers a wide range of features and integrations to help bespoke the solution to your business requirements. It offers a wide range of features, including:

  • Real-time inventory tracking: KCPOS allows you to track inventory levels in real time, so you always know how much stock you have on hand. This can help you avoid stockouts, minimise wastage and ensure that you are always able to meet customer demand.
  • Flexible EPOS solution: You can get instant access to data on your customers, special pricing and stock on every till, plus it includes unique industry specific features, such as wholesale discounts and haggle screens.
  • Live Ecommerce integration. Not only can you manage your instore sales but with KCPOS you can link to your online store to ensure real-time sales and prices are linked throughout your solution from Dynamics directly through to your chosen platform such as Shopify.
  • Reporting: KCPOS provides a variety of reports that you can use to track your sales, inventory levels, and customer data. This information can help you make better business decisions.

KCPOS is also highly customizable, so you can tailor it to the specific needs of your business. Here are some of the benefits of using KCPOS to integrate Dynamics Business Central and EPOS software:

  • Increased efficiency: By integrating the multiple systems, you can eliminate the need to manually enter data into both systems. This can save you time and improve the accuracy of your data.
  • Improved visibility: The integration will give you a single view of your sales data, inventory levels, and customer information. This will help you make better business decisions.
  • Enhanced customer service: The integration will allow you to provide your customers with a more seamless shopping experience. For example, you can use the integration to send customers automatic notifications when their orders are shipped.

If you are interested in learning more about how to link Dynamics Business Central to EPOS software with KCPOS, book a demo with one of our experts. We would be happy to show you how KCPOS can help you improve the efficiency and visibility of your retail operations.

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