KCPOS Is The Best EPOS System – Here is Why

Are you at the start of your EPOS journey? Maybe you’ve typed into Google ‘what is the best EPOS software?’ or you’re browsing suppliers trying to figure out how EPOS works and what you should go for?

We want to help! Well we obviously think our EPOS software is the best, (we are a bit biased) But we have put together our favourite features and functionality for you to have a look at!

Keep reading to find out why KCPOS is the best EPOS system:


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KCPOS is versatile – Perfect for many industries

We work with businesses across a range of industries including retail, hospitality, trade counters and wholesalers. Whilst each business has it’s specialist features such as trade customer management or integrated pick, pack and delivery, the basic ‘till’ functionality is the same across all industries. Essentially you have stock items, that are easy to search by item number, name or barcode. You set up the menus how your busienss prefers and each operator can easily navigate through till screens to complete transactions. This also means if your busienss has the need to trade and retail functionality or retail and hospitality functions you can rely on the same EPOS solution to manage all uses. Operators will be familiar with the EPOS system right across your business and multiple industries if needed.

KCPOS Integrates with your accounts package!

You may be looking for an EPOS solution that integrates directly into your current accounts software package, you’re in the right place. Linking your financial information to stock and sales transactions not only saves time but improves accuracy of data. Linking directly into your accounts package means accurate sale data is recorded, stock is updated with every transaction and you can get a full holistic view of your busienss finances to make key decision. We integrate with key accounts software packages such as Sage 50, Xero, Access and Dynamics 365 Business Central. Plus, as we’re part of The HBP Group we also support accounting packages such as Sage, Exchequer, Dynamics and Pegasus Opera 3 for businesses. Plus, the whole support team have to be AAT accredited to join our helpdesk. Meaning if you’ve got a question there’s 100% chance we can answer it and fix any issues.

KCPOS helps you make the most of online sales!

2020 was the year that the world went online, with millions of transactions and deliveries in all industries across the world. While many busiensses were already making the most of online sales even more took the plunge into the Ecommerce world when shops we’re forced to shut their doors due to COVID-19. Selling online doesn’t have to be a headache. With KCPOS you can easily sell your stock items online and link all sales directly into your accounts software package. Having an EPOS system linked to Ecommerce sales means if both your instore shop and online shopfronts are selling items, stock amounts are accurate and updated constantly giving you peace of mind your selling accurate stock levels. Plus, with KCPOS you can set up stock alerts so your never run out!

KCPOS is complete with intelligent stock management.

Following on nicely from the above point, stock management in KCPOS is set up how your business needs it. For example, set up stock alerts, so popular items are always re-ordered when the stock reaches a level defined by you. Stock control actually means stock control. Manage every stock item with barcodes and link the item number or SKU codes with your accounts package to ensure accuracy in reporting. Stock takes are easier than ever and you can even manage stock across multiple locations, type (i.e. item, box or pallet) and measurement (i.e. weight, gallon or amount). KCPOS lets you define what stock management style is important for your business.

KCPOS is great for many reasons but there’s just a few of our favourites! If you’d like to find out more about why KCPOS is the best EPOS system for your business, fill in your details at the top of this page and we’ll make sure one of our EPOS experts gives you a call back to discuss your requirements and book in a full demonstration of KCPOS complete with your real-life data!

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