Processing Invoices With Trade Counter EPOS Software

Trade counter customers deserve the best deals and service. But are you wasting their time and yours by filling out and sending paper invoices every time they purchase from you? Give yourself and your customers the gift of time, with automatic and batch invoicing via email. No more manual invoicing

How long to you toil?

How much time are you spending at the end of each week or month re-creating invoices from carbon copy books or other systems? Minutes? Hours? A whole day? And that’s before you have to feed all of this information into your accounting software so that the amounts owed are correct, ready for statements to be sent out.

Plus there’s all that time you spend stuffing envelopes, and the (extravagant) cost of postage on top of that!
How about a system that removes the need for dual input, is more eco-friendly than manual invoicing, and automatically calculates and sends invoices for you.
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Instantly email customer invoices instead

Once a new customer is entered into the KCPOS EPOS system, you can simply enter their email address and select the option to say they would like to receive invoices via email. Customer contacts details are kept in sync with your accounting software, and KCPOS commercials and EPOS software. So, wherever you process the transaction, you get the same efficient outcome.

References make things simple

It’s easy to process as well. Each time a trade customer completes a transaction, you will be prompted to enter a customer reference. This may be a purchase order number, a job they are working on, or even a person’s name. These references will accompany each invoice sent out, making it easier for them to tie things together.

Group everything together by job or reference

What’s even more convenient is that when you combine this with batch invoicing, the system groups everything by the reference given. So if one of your customers places multiple orders over the month for the same job, everything gets grouped together on their invoice at the end of the month!
Batch invoices together
Batching invoicing is similar to batching any form of work. It’s a time-management trick that takes away distractions and increases focus. This, in turn, increases productivity, which allows you to get the invoicing done more quickly and with less hassle.

No more missing invoices

So, sending multiple invoices each month automatically is not going to cost you loads of time any more, but what about those missing invoices? Most of your customers are busy themselves and will likely lose and invoice or two over the month, even if you send invoices on email.
Batching your invoices removes this problem…

Benefits of batching invoices

Rather than issue individual invoices for each transaction (which creates a lot of unnecessary work), simply complete all your invoicing at the same time and bundle a customer’s orders into a single simple invoice. You can complete a whole months’ worth of batch invoicing in a few clicks of the mouse.

Customers see the benefits, too

How much time are your customers spending on the other side, entering multiple invoices each month into their own accounting software? With batch invoicing, this is a thing of the past, as you simply issue them a single invoice for payment each month, broken down by each job, reference or transaction.
What’s more, you don’t need to spend time sending missing invoices, this removes delayed payments and your cashflow increases.

Building better customer relationships
Your loyal clients will quickly become accustomed to your billing schedules. They’ll know exactly when to expect your invoice, which adds a professional touch to your services and means they won’t be wondering exactly when and if you sent your invoice.
This change may be one of the easiest improvements you can make within the accounts payable process since both parties have everything to gain from replacing paper with invoices on email. It’s quicker, it costs less, and it improves quality.

Where does KCPOS come in?
KCPOS’ trade counter software allows you to manage customers, control stock, create invoices and take payments, all in one place. Plus, if you already have an accounts package in place that we link to, everything is kept in sync and we just fill in the gaps!

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