Here Are 5 Top Advantages of Using a Complete EPOS System

When you’re looking for a complete EPOS system, it can be difficult knowing where to start and what features and benefits you should be focusing on. First, you’ll need to get a good understanding of what exactly is a complete EPOS system, then you can start to address the advantages of EPOS to get the bigger picture on which is right for your business.

So, what are the advantages of EPOS?

Advantages Of An EPOS System

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Here’s Our Top 5 Reasons For Using A Complete EPOS System


Enjoy Accurate Data
More and more businesses are starting to understand the importance of proper data capture for reporting and analysis. It has become pivotal in decision making and management reporting for businesses within any sector. One of the advantages of using a complete EPOS system is eliminating the need for as much manual data entry across multiple systems, therefore reducing the likelihood of human error that comes with those processes. Whether it’s your financials, stock count and management or adjusting stock levels instore and online, with a robust EPOS system you reduce the need to rekey data and instead rely on automation for more accurate data.


Increase Efficiency Across Your Workforce
Another advantage of EPOS is the efficiency that comes from them, for all of your teams across the business. With their powerful integration capabilities you can rely on automation of many otherwise manual tasks, such as stock adjustments, online sales or courier information. Your EPOS system will act as your central point so you don’t need to waste time switching between multiple systems to complete any one job too.


Better Stock Management
Manage stock as it moves throughout your business from purchase order to retail sale. If you choose the right system, you can use tablets to match stock receipts against orders as they get delivered. Issue stock takes to any tablet device or user based on your criteria – random, by location, by product. A good EPOS system will also give you the ability to set minimum stock rules to generate replenishment requests from the stock room to the shelf. No more struggling to locate and monitor stock, and never run out of anything.


Better Insights Into Your Business
With a complete EPOS system, you can run real-time accurate reports on just about anything: sales, stock, profits and more. Now that you have accurate data that’s well-connected between your systems, you can start to take advantage of that by using it to make informed decisions about your business and report back to key decision-makers.


Save Time and Money
Of the many advantages of EPOS, one of the best has to be the time and money that’s saved. With the power of automation, your staff can use their time to focus on value-adding tasks that help to increase profits and delight your customers.

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