What Are EPOS Systems And How Do They Work?

EPOS systems – What are they and what does it mean?

EPOS simply means Electronic Point Of Sale. Which most of us recognise as a till or Point Of Sale (POS). An EPOS system just looks like a large screen (similar to a tablet), they are usually touchscreen and easy to use by the operator. EPOS systems allow the user to deal with all transactions electronically meaning every sale is documented and can be reported on. Most EPOS systems also allow you to connect other functionality like stock control, online sales and your accounting software. Anyone who has worked in retail or hospitality will be familiar with the look of an EPOS system.

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What is EPOS software?

EPOS (Electronic Point Of Sale) is business management software used by industries such as retail, hopsitality, trade counters and cash and carry business. EPOS allows business to transact with customers and usually involves some link or connection to other software such as stock control or accounts software integration.

What is POS?

POS – Point Of Sale, is the more commonly known term as it refers to where you make a transaction or a sale. This usually involves the exchange of goods or purchase of an item at a till. Tills have changed from the traditional notion of a cash drawer and calculator. Tills used to be a cash drawer that let you enter a purchase price and would calculate the change and tell you on screen, pop open the drawer, print a receipt and job done. POS is the non electronic version of EPOS, i.e you can still make traditional sales but there is no electronic connection to other resources like stock control. So when you sell an item at the till, it doesn’t reduce the stock count too.

What is Stock Control?

Stock control has lots of different names including stock management, warehouse management, stockroom management. Depending on the industry your in stock control can work differently to compliment your industry. For example, hospitality industry will have stock measured in different ways like units. They might have 30 boxes of Crisps or 100 pints of Beer. A good stock management system should be able to determine and recognise different types of stock in all measurements types.

What is an EPOS integration?

An EPOS (Electronic Point Of Sale) integration means you can connect together different business operations such as till sales, stock control, online sales and finances. EPOS software (or EPOS systems as they can be known) is usually very user friendly allowing user to transact sales and capture customer information easily. EPOS integrations can include connected your accounts package directly into your EPOS system to create a link between hat function and your sales function.

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