What Is The Difference EPOS Vs POS?

An EPOS system and a POS system are actually more different that you initially think.

The term EPOS stands for Electronic Point of Sale, and it allows businesses to manage their transactions and sales in a more efficient way. EPOS systems are generally connected to other components of the business such as stock control and finance systems, meaning they allow owners and managers to report and view all sales information in one place.

The term POS system stands for Point Of Sale, this usually means there is no addition of electronic hardware being used to power the transactions through the till. Usually, a traditional POS system would need manual operations to produce reports on transactions and would not update the company accounts software with accurate sales information until this process was done by human interaction.

EPOS systems allow businesses to streamline processes such as cashing up, stock management and reporting. By reducing the amount of human interaction in the process of reporting, you are reducing the chance of human error. If your transactions and sales are reported directly into your accounts software you can see exactly where your balance sheet sits.

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With most businesses making the switch from traditional POS systems to EPOS systems, here’s a few reasons why Electronic POS is the future:

Security. EPOS systems are run through secure servers and the programmes can be web based that means that data can be backed up and recovered should the worst happen and you are subject to a cyber attack.

Hardware. With most EPOS systems you can run the software from any provider on most devices (dependant upon compatibility). Unlike old POS systems that could only be run on the device that was sold to the business, flexible EPOS can be run on tills and mobile devices, such as tablets.

Integration. With an connected electronic system you can directly integrate your accounts software into your point of sale. That means stock item prices can be updated from the back office and pushed out live to all tills in seconds. Plus with a direct accounts integration you can get accurate and informed reports.

Stock. Managing stock in traditional systems had to be done manually, meaning stock takes could become laborious and time consuming. With a connected EPOS system you can manage stock levels through barcoding. This saves time and increases accuracy so you don’t over order and you can monitor stock levels across your business.

Payment. With the way money is handled constantly changing an electronic point of sale allows you to transact in whichever way the customer desires, be it cash, credit card or contactless. Traditional POS systems had no integration into card terminals, leaving them as a cash only business.

Reporting. With a connected, electronic system you can report on everything in your business. From store transactions and operator performance to best sellers and success of promotions. Reporting and dashboards have never been easier to access, allowing your management team to make quicker decisions.

Online. If your business is diversifying to online sales through an ecommerce site or Amazon or eBay, with an EPOS system you can connect your sale info and stock to ensure your data is up to date.

Support. When purchasing an EPOS system, the provider will usually offer set up and ongoing support to assist your team in their every day use of the system. As there are more integrations and connections with a newer EPOS system, providers will offer increased support. This can even include supporting technical integrations and helping with everyday admin troubles.

KCPOS is an EPOS System that connects all areas of your business together from stock control to online sales. We pride ourselves on our unique and direct financial integration into accounts software packages. This accounts integration is an integral tool in our customers business. It allows them to have the correct data and financial information at the heart of their operations. If you’d like to find out more about how KCPOS could work for your business, you can book a free, no obligation demonstration here.

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